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Mission Update Pakistan Nov 2015

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued prayer. The first weekend of mission was very successful with two concerts and two worship services in Islamabad. The people are very responsive and joining in worship. We have spent many hours with the pastors hosting each event, sharing fellowship, encouragement and food.

After resting on Monday we headed off to the mountains for a couple of days holiday in Murree with Hammad’s sister Humera, nephew Lloyd, his wife Angelina and son, Steven. It was a very welcome break and good relaxing time, hiking in the mountains and strolling through the markets sampling local food.

Thursday evening back in Islamabad we met with Pastor James and his YWAM team for an evening of fellowship and music. There were four other worship leaders there including Arif Bhatti a great singer composer, Jackson who plays guitar and sings beautifully and Sohaib who plays tabla with us and is a good singer, and Qadder who is the YWAM co-ordinator. It was lovely to spend time encouraging the local missionaries who are teaching discipleship and worship in Islamabad and the surrounding area. YWAM hold a discipleship school in March each year and are hoping that we can return to be involved in teaching at that time.

Today Friday, is a day for rehearsal in preparation for the big event tomorrow evening Yadah Praise II at Rawalpindi Arts Council Concert Hall. We will be singing some English Christmas songs as wel12063476_998694610172013_2056346836168394813_n[1]l as Urdu and Punjabi. The programme starts at 5pm and afterwards we will be driving to Muritkay near Lahore (about 3-4 hours drive). We will arrive by 3am and sleep for a few hours in order to be fresh for leading worship at the 10am service in the Presbyterian church led by Elder Sharif Masseh. There may well be an evening service that we are required for as well, and then an hour’s drive to home in Lahore.

Please do continue to pray for our safety as we travel, for security at the venues and for health and energy. Hammad and Lloyd are both fully recovered from their colds. I’m experiencing some knee pain and the pain killers cause constipation, so I’m trying to cope without them unless we are performing and driving a lot. Please also pray for the impact of our worship on the young people attending the concert tomorrow that they will worship in spirit and truth, deepening their faith and walk with the Lord.

Next week Hammad is involved in the second session of judging a Christian Singing Talent contest called ‘Voice for Jesus’ organised by Rev Patras Bashir. The project started before I arrived and the last judging session is on 13th December just before Hammad leaves for the UK. We pray for the contestants that they will be encouraged to use their gifts for the Lord and be blessed by taking part, whether they win or not. We are very thankful to God for your support and prayers.

Bags packed off to Pakistan

Dear Friends,

I’m almost packed and ready to fly off on Thursday 19th November at 0900 from Heathrow to Lahore, Pakistan via Doha. I would very much appreciate your prayers for a safe and comfortable flight. My back is good at the moment but I do get very stiff and have painful hip and knee joints if I sit too long in one position. I will be standing and moving around the plane as much as possible.  Also please pray for my luggage that it all arrives at the same time that I do, as I have a one day turn around in Lahore before flying to Islamabad to join Hammad.

Here11215504_1480343415605489_7721530570671953428_n is the itinerary for the next couple of weeks:

  • Friday 20th Nov – Sally arrives Lahore, Hammad playing concert in Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad organised by United Youth of All Churches (theme Nation catching the fire – watch live at
  • 12193432_1481002448872919_3173917272743610804_nSaturday 21 Nov – Sally afternoon flight  from Lahore to Islamabad to join Hammad at the Healing Conference and Worship in Islamabad Organised by Healing TV, sponsored by Rawalpindi Arts Council




  • Sunday 22 Nov – Leading worship in church in G8 Islamabad in the morning and another church in the evening
  • Mon – Thurs – a few days rest and holiday time together.
  • Friday 27th Nov – Concert in Rawalpindi
  • 12063476_998694610172013_2056346836168394813_n[1]Saturday 28th Nov – Yadah Praise II Carols of Christ Gospel Concert organised by Lamp Fellowship International Youth in Islamabad, supported by Rawalpindi Arts Council (Headline acts Hammad Baily and Crisma Band with Hanan Baily)
  • Sunday 29th Nov – Leading worship at church in Muridkay Near Sheikhupura – 4 hours’ drive from Islamabad.
  • Monday 30th Nov – Back in Lahore to spend time with Hammad’s parents.
  • Tues 1st Dec – target for launch of new Christmas song video on Christian TV channels
  • Other events to be confirmed later.
  • Wed 9th December – Sally early morning flight from Lahore to London
  • Thursday 10th December – Hammad concert in Riwand
  • Friday 11th Dec – Hammad concert in Sialkot


Please do pray for our safety as we travel around in our Jeep and for security at the different venues we perform at.  Also that the music will really touch the hearts of those who listen encouraging Christians, deepening their faith and their walk with God, and for those Muslims who are listening may they be touched by God’s love and show compassion to their Christian neighbours.