Tensions running high in Pakistan

Pakistan is in the news again and tensions are running high. Hammad had an extremely difficult journey today (29 Feb) from Islamabad to Lahore returning home after his concert for Lamp Youth Fellowship. Praise God he arrived home safely after many detours to avoid the mobs protesting at the death sentence which was carried out today on Mumtaz Qadri who murdered the Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer in 2011. Salman Taseer was a moderate who campaigned for the release of Asia Bibi and was murdered by his own body guard (who was then hailed a hero by many Islamists).  For more details on the background to this issue click here for the BBC news report.


Please do pray for peace on the streets of Pakistan and for protection for Christians against any backlash of violence in the current unrest. May God’s angels protect His people.

We give thanks that Hammad is home safely but his work filming videos for the Psalms album will be on hold for a few days until it is safe to go out.  We give thanks for the amazing concert at Lamp Youth Fellowship in Rawalpindi on Saturday night and for the wonderful prayer meeting the next day when Hammad was deeply blessed and encouraged by these young people. 

Hammad’s video 7 says of Jesus on the Cross has 1,000+ from Hammad’s facebook page and we pray that this will be seen by many Christians and non-Christians in the run up to Easter. (See featured video on home page). The next video of Ae Yehovah Yari is being finalised from release after Easter.

Back home Sally has been very busy relaunching the Voice for Jesus website. We hope you like the new look and feel and the great thing is you can subscribe on the left side bar menu to follow the site and receive an email when new posts are published.  You can now buy downloads of our first Album Searching online and we are working towards making all our own material available for download.

Tomorrow Tuesday 1st March Sally is travelling up to Harrogate for the New Wine Leaders Conference for 3 days. Please do pray for safe travel for Sally (and her colleague Sylvester) and a time of blessing, refreshment and re-energising through the teaching and worship.

Many thanks for your prayers.