Last leg of tour for Hammad

Thank you for your continued prayer support. I got home safely on Thursday morning after 18 hours delay due to fog in Lahore and then a missed connection in Doha, but thankful I was comfortable, able to stand when necessary and sleep for a few hours on the way.

Hammad is on the last leg of the mission tour and has travelled to Sahilwal today for a Christmas Gloria concert which will feature his brother’s band Crisma as well as Hammad and his band. This has been arranged by ARP church Youth. Please pray for Hammad’s health and for good voice as he is recovering from the flu. Please also pray for energy as he has to drive home immediately after the performance tonight to Lahore (3-4 hours drive). Please pray for safety on the road and security at the venue.

Hammad will spend his last night in Pakistan tonight and fly home on Monday.

His flight time has been changed so instead of departing at 9am he is on a 14.30 hours flight from  Lahore to Doha but with only 40 minutes connection time in Doha for a flight that arrives at 10pm in London. There is a high risk he will miss this connection (as I did on Wednesday night) and have to spend a few hours in a hotel in Doha before catching the next available flight to London which arrives at 6.30am on Tuesday morning. Please pray that Hammad has a comfortable journey, is able to sleep for a few hours and arrives in good time.

On Tuesday evening Hammad and I will be rehearsing for the Chesham Town Carols, so we pray that Hammad will arrive and catch up on lost sleep quickly so that he is in good voice to perform at the Town Carols.

Many thanks for your continued prayer support and encouragement. I received a lovely warm welcome in St Mary’s today, and am in good spirits after a preaching on the genealogy of Jesus from Matthew 1. We have been blessed and received many answers to prayers in the last three weeks. On the mundane side the electricity meter has been replaced and the payments were not as high as expected. In the family another baby has been born to Tina & Luke (sister of Leah who had a baby last week). This time a girl – yet to be named. Please pray for these babies and their parents.

I’ve just had a text from Hammad in a panic that he has lost his wallet (with driving license, ID and bank cards). I’m praying for insight and that God will show him where it is lost.

p.s. Unfortunately it was never found, but Police report filed and cards cancelled before Hammad left Pakistan.

Hammad arrived home at 10pm on Monday 14th December without any delays praise God!

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