Eloi Eloi featured track from Serving Album

This track was original written in Urdu by Prof. Rehmat Baily (Hammad’s father). An English version was later written by Sally Baily (nee Everett) from Jesus words on the cross as recorded in the Bible.


Eloi Eloi (Sally Baily)

Crucify, crucify the King of the Jews
Eloi, Eloi, lama shabach-thani

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”
Why do they mock Him, the King of the Jews?
Don’t they know He came to save us from death,
Taking our sins when He died set us free.


Hung on three crosses all day long,
Two criminals and God’s Son who will die.
One knows the truth that He’s done nothing wrong,
“Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.”


“Father, why have you left me here to die?”
Just like a criminal He was crucified.
For our sins He died because He is your Son,
So Jesus says, “Your will not mine be done.”

This track is on the Serving Album and can be purchased from our Band Camp site